Moon on the skin, high class
Pale skin was a wonderful evolution. Used to do everything possible for the Romanian, Greek women to whiten their face skin. He was skin and white faces, are considered to be more beautiful. Canles tanning room. The main advantage to put women at risk and lime paint ancient beauty treatment could cause death by slow poisoning. We discovered it when it was too late.
Also, white, “porcelain” with the obsession – like skin evolved beyond cosmetic reasons, there should be more closely related to the social classes. Become aware of the specific color of the skin separates the working of the ruling classes. Tanned skin disclosed a life of outdoor work. White skin, untanned: Those who wish to include the life of the school was in compliance with this requirement. And pale skin, high class. To achieve this, men and women are unlimited. Any time that light was the most important, safe, used or not, and.
Asia: white skin is considered a symbol of femininity
Then nuisance and tanning, tanning craze canles happened around the world. However, throughout the world, “points” are the white tanning program. Asians are not so excited with golden skin. This is how to make their culture for thousands of years, is in some way reluctant to these trends.
Why do Asian women and others? There are some differences to be taken into account. Eight Asian cities (Sendai, Japan, Seoul, South Korea, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Harbin, China, Kozhikode and New Delhi, India and the Philippines, the Malay skin (representative) Scientists have studied and leather teams have some interesting interesting results: the
Asian skin wrinkles and the complacency of his predecessors (demonstrable loss) 1. At the beginning of hyperpigmentation (dark spots) (compared to Caucasians).
2. The Japanese have a lighter skin tone. Therefore, Japanese women have low melanin and skin redness. The dark color of the skin, and therefore have high melanin content and skin redness.
3. Asian skin cooler months is a good behavior. Because of the low sun exposure, Asian women’s skin elasticity and structures (collagen) has such excellent biomechanical properties.
4. skin become yellow with age, this is a Chinese and Korean skin than other racial groups is.
5. Japanese skin when the skin is the worst in India, in the best condition (least deterioration with age) is.
In fact, the region, the greater the differences between age population, geographical location, climate, there are skin care habits.
White, whiter and whiter – this can be fatal.
Sophistication, innocence, and with the appearance of high social status: In Asian countries, pale skin had the same significance for centuries. Asian women have always been looking for skin care for your skin whitening products, that’s why. Pearl powder and grinding them from swallowing a charm, “skin whiteners” used to produce. Today cosmetics are safer and more reasonable. New skin whitening products is less than the health of the woman or danger to life every year, appears.
However, these whitening lotions, serums, correctors and essences may involve risks worth taking into account. Skin diseases in Asia, according to the doctors, and the danger comes from mercury. If you violate safety limit, instead of mercury (the best known whitening agent) may cause death. Unfortunately, some of the central nervous system and kidneys, the brain development of the fetus or child are harmful, especially high levels of mercury include.
So, pale skin option after all, is not a happy Asian woman. Nor is dark-skinned. So, what are you doing? (Sun or exposed to a real session if closed) using the appropriate skin care products and sunscreeen Asian women, but for anyone interested in health careers, not just the best choice for the skin.

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