Games-New Zygor Elite Membership Coming This Holiday Season

New Zygor Elite Membership Coming This Holiday Season


In our recent survey earlier this year one of the most common requests we received was to make it cheaper to access the entire suite of Zygor Guides products. That is why this holiday season we will be introducing a new membership experience called Zygor Elite.

Zygor Elite is for players who would like to experience allZygor has to offer without the large one time fees involved in buying each guide individually and upgrading each expansion. Instead you’ll now be able to pay a small monthly fee and access all guides with no additional fees for expansions.

The Zygor Elite membership will include:

  • Full access to the entire Zygor catalog of products.
  • Expansion upgrades included at no additional charge (including the upcoming Legion expansion).
  • Access to Auction Trend Data for use with Zygor’s Gold Guide.
  • Ongoing maintenance updates and more community requested guide features.
  • Additional benefits to be announced closer to launch.

The new subscription option will be launching this holiday season (aiming for November) and will be priced at $7.99 / month for new users. As part of our Customer Loyalty Program existing users will be able to switch to the new subscription option at a reduced rate of $4.99 /month. Existing users who prefer to pay one time fees and upgrades can still continue to do so.

If this new option proves popular we may bring back fully updated guides for ESO and WildStar, and possibly guides for new games as well, to be included in the subscription plan at no additional charge.

We will have more information closer to the launch. Stay tuned!



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